PBExport for PowerBuilder(tm)

A Batch Object Exporter for PowerBuilder Developers

PBExport in action.... choosing the Run Mode, Object Types, and Destination Directory.


PBExport is intended to assist those of you doing impact analysis or global changes to your application... changes which the PowerBuilder IDE doesn't currently support. With PBExport and Grep, Multi-Edit, etc. you can export all the objects within the application to a single directory. Once exported, you can produce documentation, do impact analysis, or mass edit the exported code as required (using your tool of choice) and then import the modified objects back into PowerBuilder.

Some of the capabilities PBExport provides:

The evaluation version only allows exporting the first 25 objects in the selected application.

Please check it out, and let us know what you think.

To Download PBExport

PBExport (Requires PB Runtime DLL's):


486 WinTel PC
Disk Space:
1 MB
Operating System:
Windows 3.11, Windows95, Windows/NT
Other Software:
PowerBuilder Development or Runtime DLL's depending on PBBrowser Version


PBExport is $29 (USD) for each computer.
Volume Discounts are available:
Number of Computers Price
2 to 5 computers $22 each
6 to 10 computers $20 each
11 to 25 computers $17 each
26 to 50 computers $14 each
51 to 100 computers $10 each
> 100 computers $7 each

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